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I'm often asked about what products I use personally. Those listed here are minimally processed, as close to nature as possible, and - very importantly - a good value. This is not an endorsement of any brands, nor a claim to being the best:


Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter is made from 100% Grass-Fed Cows. Different from the corn-fed monsters living in squalor in America's Operational Feed Lots, these cows graze on grass and hay. It's not "organic" but it's 100% non-GMO because it's from Ireland. Grass-Fed dairy is 500% richer in CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid - an Omega-6 fatty acid) over corn-fed. CLA is excellent for controlling body-fat stores in our bodies, and has known anti-cancer properties.




Vital Farms Pasture Raised Eggs are true pasture raised eggs from hens that get to run around. How do I know? I go to to find out. These are amazing eggs with SUCH flavor, the bright-orange yolks look nothing like the Denny's eggs most eat. I'm showing in the non-Organic (in a black carton) ...which are very good, but get the Organic (in a tan carton) if you can find them! 

*Also look for their Pasture-Raised, Grass-Fed Butter!  


This Kirkland (Costco) Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is fantastic. In a world where many olive oils are fake, this one has been independently tested and USDA certified to be the real thing. There are other much more costly boutique oils, but this is my go-to: a great tasting oil at a great price.




Organic Pastures Raw Organic Kefir is another amazing product! I drink this LIVING FOOD with all it's enzymes intact every day, and have for over 15 years now.  Pasteurized dairy is dead dairy: if you didn't know, it's not done for safety, it's done for extended shelf-life. I NEVER drink Pasteurized milk as a beverage, and just a few times a year will get Organic Pastures Raw Whole Milk to dip a warm, homemade cookie or two in it. I go out of my way to consume raw cheeses, hand-made boutique cheeses, or Pasteurized dairy from outside the US. since most domestic commercial dairy is from GMO corn-fed cows living in squalor.  And, because it's fermented/cultured  ...this is one of the BEST ways to add probiotics to your diet! 




Wait, what? "Organic cocoa mass, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter" ....that's it ...3 ingredients? Organic? Belgian? 72% Dark? Fair Trade? No Soy Lecithin? THIS is the chocolate you want: Trader Joe's Fair Trade Organic 72% Cacao Belgian Dark Chocolate Bar.  And it's inexpensive'll find no finer bar for ANY price. Straight up, or break off little pieces with raw walnuts and/or almonds ...dip in some raw wildflower honey ...mmmmm, heaven.



Sprouts Organic Sauerkraut is another great, cost-effective way to add vital probiotics into your diet. But stop wasting $$$ on expensive probiotics!! MAKE SURE TO CONSUME A FERMENTED/CULTURED FOOD IN YOUR DIET DAILY! Grab a fork-full of this delicious food as a snack, in a wrap, sandwich ...or as a side-dish. 



Sourdough bread is the only bread I eat ...because it's properly fermented (see the holes?) which makes it digestible and nutritional. Most people aren't "gluten intolerant" ...humans have been digesting gluten proteins forever. What they are is crappy, unfermented commercial bread intolerant. I am SO fortunate to be able to buy a 3 INGREDIENT sourdough loaf at a local market!  This Sprouts San Francisco Style Sourdough fits the bill. And, you can get it in a bake-in-your-oven loaf! 



Even though I have a relatively clean diet, I take 3 teaspoons of Sprouts Steam Treated Whole Psyllium Husk daily in my morning shake. Why? Because I understand the necessity of a healthy bowel movement.  Most people eating the typical and aptly named S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) don't get enough roughage in their diet; the indigestible fiber that functions as a broom in our intestines.  Without that bulk, our defecation reflex isn't activated, and constipation results. 

(click above on MORE, read: Proper Pooping)




Protein is a vital nutrient for your health, and this Sprouts Vanilla Whey Protein is my choice for supplying my morning shake with all the non-essential amino acids needed to start my day. Also available in Chocolate and Strawberry. They also carry Vegan and Organic versions at a higher price-point if that's what you prefer.




Yes, I eat them ...but only these Sprouts Kettle Style Olive Oil Potato Chips. Many so-called "olive oil" chips use a cheap polyunsaturated oils (Canola/cottonseed/palm) to cook them, then add some olive oil later, which means they contain trans-fats. Not these: they're just 3 ingredients: potatoes, olive oil, and sea salt. And since olive oil is a trans-fat-free oil, they taste and feel amazing. No gross grease on your fingers, no hard-fat feel in the tummy. If you're going to chip, chip with these.  


There's a reason why coffee is loved and enjoyed in every culture world-wide:  Nearly every study done in the last century proves that coffee is a HEALTHY beverage, and that coffee drinkers outlive non-coffee drinkers by as much as 25% ...the rest is just fake news. These two ORGANIC, FREE-TRADE blends are my daily go-tos: Trader Joe's Organic Fair Trade Breakfast Blend, and TJ's Organic Fair Trade French Roast. Excellent flavor, excellent value. I drink mine black ...because I love the flavor!! If you add stuff, keep it real ...NO fake flavored/powdered junk ...ok?



I love a good pasta, just not every day.  But when I do, it's this Montebello Certified Organic Pasta from Italy. This is a true artisan Durum wheat semolina pasta that uses Old World techniques to create distinctive flavor and texture, organically grown on small family farms in the rolling hills overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Cooked al dente, the taste is simply ...sublime. And it should be; they've only been making it since 1366!



Good fats are essential to good health. This Kirkland Sustainably Sourced Fish Oil delivers 300mg of heart-healthy Omega-3 Fatty Acids per gel cap at a terrific value.  It's made from deep-ocean (non-farmed) krill: small fish with low heavy-metal content - Anchovy, Herring, Salmon, Sardine and Sprat. It has some soy for freshness, but the positives far outweigh the negatives here. I take three a day. 




Everyone needs a little mayo now and again. This Sir Kensington's Mayonnaise is certified non-GMO, and is made with avocado oil, egg yolks, water, lime juice concentrate, distilled vinegar, organic cane sugar, salt, mustard flour, black pepper. No crappy seed oils, no stabilizers ...and it tastes amazing. 



This Native Deodorant contains no aluminum, parabens, or sulfates, is not tested on animals, and won't block your pores. All the good stuff, just a deodorant!  ...unscented or scented. 




What? You still drink Gatorade? That stuff is horrible, all HFCS and sodium, no ionic balance. This Vitalyte Electrolyte Replacement Drink  is "free of all the stuff your hard working body doesn't need like artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners. And full of all the stuff it does need like the correct balance of essential electrolytes and glucose, making it a true isotonic sports beverage." (




Good, raw, local honey is not just a food, it's a superfood. Full of antioxidants, it's a natural antibacterial, is phytonutrient dense, easy to digest, and can soothe a sore throat. I like it best slathered on a well-buttered, crispy piece of sourdough toast. My go-to: Max's Honey House (Lake Elsinore, CA) Local Raw Wildflower Honey.  Simply put ...there's none finer. And research shows that the pollen grains in local honey can help reduce allergy symptoms.




With demanding work schedules, commuting, kids(?), trying to fit in everything one needs to do in life ...many have almost no time to cook.  That means microwaved processed foods, or getting take out, or eating fast-food ...or just making the same old few dishes that take little time. Not anymore!!
Part slow-cooker, part pressure cooker, part saute pan, part steamer, ...this Instant Pot can do it all and it does it in as little as a quarter of the time! Easy to use, easy to clean's a must! I give this 5 stars! 




NSAID pain-relievers like acetaminophen and aspirin are dangerous to the liver, so I take this MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) as a natural, safe way to relieve joint pain, reduce inflammation, and boost immunity. I take 2 capsules daily, and 4 post-workout. 



At more than 12 inches in diameter, this simple ReeHut Yoga Wheel  looks too big at first ...but it's not, and it's amazing how it can open up your mid/upper back and shoulders like nothing I've ever used. It's great for all sorts of other stretches and movements. There are several brands; the smaller one with the knobby surface is from Acumobility The Ultimate Back Roller and it's great for the low back!



If your going to scream for some ice cream this Strauss Family Creamery Organic Vanilla Bean Ice Cream is the one! Look at how clean these ingredients are:  

"pasteurized organic cream and organic nonfat milk, organic cane sugar, organic egg yolk, organic vanilla extract, organic ground vanilla bean"'s got that old-school, dense, creamy texture, not that fluffy garbage full of "mouthfeel" fake ingredients. They have other real natural flavors, too.



A record number of Americans died from falls in 2018, and the main reason is they don't challenge their balancing muscles enough as they age. Restrial Life Yoga Headstand Bench provides a safe way to work out and work on those important core muscles. 



Nothing beats this Chobani Original Plain Whole Milk Yogurt for taste and texture. It's like the best whipped cream without the crappy sugar. And if you didn't know, all no-fat or low-fat foods are terrible for you. We need good fats to be healthy It's refined carbs we don't need. ONLY GO RED LABEL! 




If you're not using this Celtic Sea Salt, you're not using real salt! Not only is it the most delicious salt you've ever tasted, but it's healing properties include: improved cardiovascular health, increased brain function, it alkalizes the body, stabilizes blood sugar, prevents muscle cramps,stops kidney stone formation, and can stop a sour stomach in seconds. Sprinkle some on chocolate ice cream ...and you'll lose it. 




Remember how tuna tasted when you were a kid? No? Well this you're not eating this Wild Planet Albacore Tuna  ...because it will bring you back! Line caught, sustainable, sea salt or salt-free, etc. We make it with the water from the can and just a touch of avocado mayo. WARNING: you won't be able to go back to any other tuna (we tried.)





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