Meet "Doctor Lou"
Louis V Fabale, DC

Facing life-altering surgery for a severe neck injury sustained in a work-related accident, he found help and healing in the hands of a Chiropractor. Avoiding surgery and being 100% healed by Chiropractic made Dr Lou change his life for good.


Searching for, and studying under the best doctors he could find, Dr Lou has crafted a set of safe, gentle treatment tools based mostly on Dr Donny Epstein's Network Care (NSA). This type of treatment is safe and effective for everyone from babies all the way to the elderly.


With more than 25 years in practice, Dr Lou has "seen it all" when it comes to complaints, from low back pain and sciatic leg issues, to migraines, to carpel tunnel, headaches, etc. And especially the unique health challenges from our sitting culture. 


But that's not all all Chiropractors, Dr Lou has extensive knowledge of all things stress and diet-related. And with nearly 80% of Americans now overweight and a staggering 40% obese, most need help in this area.


Dr Lou not only knows and teaches it, he lives it. A full-on tennis junky at 60+ years young (that's him on the court, below), Dr Lou can help YOU achieve your health and fitness goals! ....Maybe even supersede them!


Dr Lou tennis .jpeg
What Dr Lou's patients are saying:
A few years ago, I literally couldn't lean over the sink to shave in the morning - the pain in my lower back was that bad. Forget about running, lifting weights or skiing - even a sneeze would result in excruciating pain. What's worse is I was prepared to accept this as a chronic, lifelong condition... until I met Dr. Lou. Because of him I changed my thinking, got serious about healing myself and as a result have been completely pain free now for years. Working with Dr. Lou gave me my life back. And my back back, too.
   Terence Winter
   Boardwalk Empire
   Writer/Executive Producer
   The Sopranos
You want your Doctor to be a REAL HUMAN BEING that you can relate to!!! Dr. Fabale is such a person. He has incredible honesty and integrity and is an extremely down to earth and intelligent person. He sincerely cares about his Practice Members. He also holds his own growth as a high priority which I respect and find a very refreshing quality. He dose not live in a bubble.

   Bonnie Rosenbloom Tanaka, 
   Eagle Rock

Finding a good chiropractor can be a nightmare! But Dr. Lou whipped my bones into shape in no time!  I had years of sciatic pain, but now I am pain free. Don’t be a scaredy cat! Go see this guy! -

   Cassandra Peterson

   a/k/a "ELVIRA"


My mental well-being and my ability to actually deal in stressful situations has never been better....oh, yeah and my spine, neck and low back? From chronically pained to virtually non-existent pain. Dr. Lou is Dah' Man! Once a Week for Life... it works!

   Jeremy C. Fels
   Practice Member '99 to Current


My husband, Doug, swore by Dr. Lou after he fixed his sciatic pain, but not until I got relief from my terrible migraines did I know there was something special about what he does. My life has changed for the better and we both have  loved Dr. Lou!

   Mia Fieger
   Woodland Hills


I’d seen two MDs for a bad wrist. The first looked at the MRI but barely touched the wrist, the second ordered two months of “PT” which was just dipping it in hot wax, then doing putty-squishing exercises. Neither helped, and they both wanted to operate. I was referred to Dr Lou who immediately began feeling the bones and moving parts in my hand and wrist, and showing me how it was stuck. I had developed awful tendonitis (tennis elbow) from all of this as well, which the MD’s had ignored. After only 3 weeks (coming 2 -3 times a week) I felt a HUGE difference with a lot less pain, more flexibility, and the best part, stability - good bye brace! On another note, my back hasn't felt this good in years with the regular adjustments I receive. Sciatica is gone! I highly recommend Dr Lou, and wish I’d gone to him first!

   Kim S. 

   Culver City

Dr Lou's approach to healing is what a health practice should be; a complete, patient-interactive, bio-supportive, truly holistic method that rebuilds health from the ground up. I see Dr Lou for everything from a cold, carpel tunnel, or an auto accident. Heck,I'll wake up from a nightmare and think, "I need to see Dr Lou!"

   Ray Cabarga, Illustrator

   Los Angeles


Dr. Fabale is a great chiropractor in Beverly Hills, if anyone ever needs real healing help ...he's the best!!
   Barry Fischer

The Practice of Chiropractic - Illness is not Disease


Many people go through their entire lives never realizing that the word "disease" is actually, "DIS-ease" ...which literally means "lack-of-ease."


It is this "lack-of-easness" - this constant TENSION and STRESS - that is sapping away the health of most people.


Medicine only treats the symptoms or illness, which are the result of dis-ease.  And they treat them with dangerous drugs, ones that are doing so much harm that they've become the leading reason an American will be accidently injured or killed.


Chiropractic treats the underlying lifestyle stress and "dis-ease" that causes the illness. And with no dangerous side effects!