It's Beyond Impossible That Anyone Thinks This is Healthy

I know a lot of people are excited about these new “Beyond Meat” and “Impossible Burger” products. It seems the marketing is very “eco” centric, saying that this fake meat is not only healthier for you, but that it’s better for the environment because it’s from plants. 







                  ..........BUT, IS IT??


Many vegetarians and vegans are concerned about personal issues like harming animals, or how raising commercial livestock is contributing to climate change, and I get that. But I would argue that it’s 1) the quality of the food, 2) where and how they are sourced, and 3) who processes them that's most important. 


So, what are the ingredients, and who makes these Impossible Meats? Let’s take a look:


Soy Protein Isolate:  Not only used in this product, SPI is a waste by-product of the industrial soy oil industry, thrown away for 50 years, then recycled and introduced into the food industry during the 80’s-90's to boost the protein content of highly-processed, nutritionally void, packaged foods. Extreme heat and chemical carcinogens are used in it’s extraction processing. Most of it is GMO and produced by agri-giant Archer Daniels Midland, who got the patent from Ford Motor Co, who developed it back in the 1930’s as the basis for material in car seat upholstery.  And we all know how healthy and delicious car seats are. 


Soy Leghemoglobin:  Leghemoglobin is short for “legume hemoglobin” -- the hemoglobin found in soy, a leguminous plant. Leghemoglobin is a protein found in plants that carries heme, an iron-containing molecule that purportedly tastes like animal blood. This heme is isolated by fermenting soy with a GMO yeast.  And it’s been approved by the FDA - not via actual testing - but by applying the GRAS method: “Generally Recognised As Safe” Monsanto and other lobbying interests. 


Pea Protein Isolate:  Not the worst ingredient here, but still a heavily processed isolate extracted with extreme temperatures and chemical extractants (same as above) not a natural food.


Amaranth:  A gluten-free, mostly indigestible pseudo-grain that sounds fancy, but is just used for it’s fiber bulk here for “mouth feel” and to hold the fake meat together.


Maltodextrin:  A hidden, cheap sugar used in many processed foods produced by hydrolyzing starch, made from GM corn. Here used for background sweetness because nothing beats the addictive properties of sugar.


Yeast extract:  a/k/a glutamic acid, but you know it as MonoSodium Glutamate or MSG, an excitotoxin that over stimulates your brains neurons, which is never a good thing.


Natural flavors and spices:  “Natural” is an unregulated term that means nothing, so it could be almost anything, but usually means it includes more MSG.


Canola Oil:  Highly processed rapeseed oil, rich in triglyceride raising Omega-6 fatty acids, extracted with chemicals like hexane. Canola oil is the mainstay of the packaged/processed food industry because it’s the cheapest oil and has an almost unlimited shelf-life. (HINT: you never want to eat anything that doesn’t break down/oxidize ...because it goes rancid in you.) 


Sunflower oil:  Another cheap, highly-processed Omega-6 seed oil marketed as a vegetable oil because the word “vegetable” makes it sounds healthier than "seed oil."


Caramel Color:  This misnomer ingredient found in almost all processed foods is only a little bit for the color: it’s really just more sugar that doesn’t have to mention the word “sugar” because the FDA says we don’t have to know the source. It’s made from a variety of cheap carbohydrates including: dextrose (corn), invert sugar, malt syrup (barley), molasses, lactose (sugar in milk), starch hydrolysates (corn or wheat) ...almost always GM. 


Soy Fiber:  More recycled, toxic throw-away crap from the soy oil industry used for “mouthfeel” and holding things together.


Distilled White Vinegar:  Almost all distilled vinegar is made from GM corn.


Dipotassium Phosphate and Potassium Chloride:  Heavy chemical salt preservatives, nothing like real sea salt, but hopefully you figured that out that from how they sound. 


Titanium Dioxide:  A pigment used primarily in paints that’s “possibly carcinogenic to humans” ...I guess to make this stuff look more like meat.



It should be crystal clear from the descriptions that each of these ingredients are not real foods but are highly processed products developed and produced by the mega-food giants like Monsanto, Archer Daniels Midland, Nestle, PepsiCo, Kraft-Heinz, Mondelez International.  And - even though they blatantly lie about it - much of it is GMO.  I actually don't think there's a meat-based product out there this full of processed, fake crap!


This is nothing but another marketing scam of fake junk food marketed as healthy from the people who are making the worst foods and doing terrible environmental damage to boot! I mean ...who's selling the most of it? Fast food chains like McDonald's and Burger King!  So don’t be suckered.  If you’re interested in your health, consuming these products simply because they’re from “plants” doesn’t cut it.

Oh, and please go to the and and read the ingredients ....oh, wait you can't find them? Interesting isn't it?




By the way ...Crisco was similarly marketed as a healthy product on this link to read how that worked out: 



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