So, How DO we sit??



Americans are now spending at least 90% of their day on their behinds, at work, driving, watching TV, and online ...and suffering dearly for it.


The pain, postural damage, and severe health risks from all this sitting is now well-documented. If you haven’t done so, please read “Sitting is Killing Us!” and “Sitting is the new Smoking” in the links above.

Stretching is great - I teach several effective neck/shoulder and low low back/hip stretches that are a MUST - but research shows it's not enough.


“But, I work out 3 times a week, and….”  That’s great and all, but according to every study done, you can’t “exercise this problem away” or employ any other quick fix.

"Beam me up, Scotty"



Did you know that Chiropractors are the only doctors that are trained to work hands-on to correct the postural and structural problems that result from chronic sitting?  There are other healing approaches, such as massage and physical therapy, but they lack the know-how to properly diagnose and correct structure. And forget about MD's ...because if you think drugs and surgeries will help, I’ve a got a bridge to sell you!


So, first off, you must Get  Regularly - Scheduled Chiropractic Care. 


As amazing as Chiropractic is, it's not a miracle ...and we can’t fix problems decades in the making in just a couple of visits. We're talking tight ligaments, rigid tendons, and connective tissue adhesions. It took time for those problems to evolve, and it’s unrealistic to expect instant results. Everything real takes time. Chiropractic is real.


The bottom line is, only by being checked and adjusted regularly - preferably once a week - can you hope to stay ahead of the damage.



In addition to the Chiropractic Care my Practice Members receive, I teach some sitting basics, because  - as crazy as it sounds - most people don’t really know how to sit correctly.


Although we’ve been doing it for our entire lives, most have never been taught how to sit. And those who “try” to sit invariably create more tension by using the wrong muscles and making the situation worse.


After years of working on and with people, I’ve come up with some techniques that I teach in the office to help you sit properly with the least amount of stress on your body. For instance, we are supposed to sit on a part of the pelvis called the ischial tuberosity, or what used to be called the "sit bones" ...shown in red.

But most people don’t ...instead they roll back unto the tailbone and hip joints in what I call a “sit-slouch” that turns off our core muscles, which makes them weak, stiff, and painful. It also damages the hip joints; Hip replacement surgeries jumped by 205% in the 45-54 age group in just the last decade.

But you can’t force the issue by just "sitting up"  ...that just uses excess muscle tension.  Proper sitting requires being in a state of EASE, so I've come up with these two ideas to help you:


  • Shoulder Neutral Position (SNP)

  • Pelvic Balance Point (PBP)

The first is reached by finding the second: By rolling the pelvis onto the sit bones, the shoulders will settle into their neutral position.

Here's another way to look at it: our collar bones and the top of

our shoulder blades make a hoop that the neck muscles attach to,

holding the head upright with minimum of effort against gravity:









My clinical experience has shown me that correcting your sitting posture just might be the single most important thing you can do for your health, both outward and inward. Reducing spinal tension puts you in a a state of ease, and less in dis-ease. Everything is connected. As Deepak Chopra says, 


"We are not a body and a mind ...we are a bodymind."



The latest research shows that Americans average 12.3 hours of sitting in their 16 our day.  Many sit longer, and those topping 13 hours a day increase their risk of death by 200%. Uninterrupted bouts of sitting 30 minutes or more make it even worse you MUST move your body regularly by interrupting your sitting every 30 minutes or so. 

In reading the research, it's very clear that there is a mystery as to why sitting is so damaging. Words like, "complex," and "unclear" are commonly used. It may be because of the limitation of the purely medical viewpoint.


Chiropractic Care addresses the structural, but also the neurological: specifically the Spinal Cord and the Nerves that supply every one of our 60 trillion cells originating in the spine. There is a tremendous amount of "dis-ease" on our nervous system from the tension of sitting, and THAT causes much physical, mental, and emotional stress in our lives.












Realigning the spine, shoulders, and hips with Chiropractic Care not only removes the physical tension, but also the neurological interference that leads to all types of illness, including how you think, feel and relate to the world in and around you. 

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spinal-canal-spinal-cord (1).jpg

You want to have that hoop level so the weight of the head passes straight through it, and not pitched forward, which puts the weight of the head 4-5" forward, adding tons of stress to all the back muscles as they try to keep you from crashing into your computer screen.