Make Your Health a Hobby



While life expectancy across the globe has been steadily ticking upward for decades - that’s not happening in America. In 2018 - for the 3rd year in a row - life expectancy here slipped backwards ...which hasn’t happened in over a century.




    The main culprits are increased:​​​

  • gun deaths

  • suicides

  • death by prescribed medications





Our work-life has a profound impact on the quality of our overall health and happiness. Sadly, research shows that just over 10% are having a positive work experience, and the rest are suffering ...badly.

     In 2012, a Gallup mega-poll found that:

  • 13% of people reported they were “engaged” in their work - finding it meaningful and bringing enhancement to their lives.

  • 63% said they were “not engaged” - getting paid, but deriving little meaningful experience that carried over to their lives.

  • 24% (¼ of the workforce!) said they were “actively disengaged” - finding no meaning and often hating their job so much that they reported sabotaging coworker’s efforts.



And what are Americans doing to remedy this situation? Tragically, more than anywhere else on the planet, they’re taking massive amounts of prescribed pharmaceutical drugs:

  • One in five Americans are on some kind of psychiatric drug for depression and anxiety disorders, up 65% from just a decade ago.

  • Between 1997 and 2016 the number of prescriptions filled for Americans rose 85%, from $2.4 billion to $4.5 billion a year.

  • The average American fills 13.6 prescriptions a year, far more than any other nation on earth.

  • Per capita prescription drug spending in the US is 2-3 times more than most other high-income countries.

  • In 2016, there were over 900,000 office visits to MD’s and more than 140 million ER visits ...both record highs.







Is it a surprise that so many people are depressed, anxious, angry, and disengaged when 87% get little to no meaningful experience from what they spend most of their time doing? And, facing illness, may even lose the security of even the job they barely tolerate?

All this is pointing to a level of unhappiness, unhealthiness, and meaninglessness that’s almost beyond comprehension. Every human has basic physical needs, but in order to find meaning, we need more: to contribute, to feel valued, to belong, to be good at something. For far too many, our current culture isn’t meeting those needs, and probably never will. We’re becoming more disconnected from things we really need, and this deep disconnection is driving this epidemic of depression and anxiety all around us.






I remember watching my 90+ year-old Nana crocheting, watched how her wrinkled but still nimble fingers seemed to move almost on their own. Her doilies were amazing intricate! My Dad tied fishing flies, although he barely fly-fished! It kept his hands nimble, too! 


Don't have a hobby? Hobbies are great for several reasons, including the fact that it slows down time, and who doesn't need that?


The main thing is that you do a hobby just for you: it’s from your interest, your desire.

  • You learn new knowledge and new skills, which is great for keeping the mind active, especially as you age.

  • Your continued interest makes you naturally want to improve, actively learn new things, and expand your horizons.

  • You meet like minded people to share information, experience, and knowledge ...either in person or now online!

  • You can easily see improvements and set measurable goals.

  • Hobbies reduce stress! 

  • It’s true re-creation-al time.



Thanks to the high cost of these drugs and our for-profit health insurance industrial complex scam, America spends close to three times the GDP (17.8%) of other nations on healthcare, yet is ranked 37th in the WHO health index, between Costa Rica and Slovenia.


Obesity continues to be the number one risk factor for Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke, and Diabetes ...yet 40% of Americans are now obese and 80% are overweight ...and with almost no idea how to stop it. And the #1 reason an American will file for bankruptcy is their medical bills.


"Pain and suffering are inevitable...

...being miserable is optional." 

                                                       -  Art Clanin


Applying these same ideas to your health, it should be easy to see that you have a greater number of resources than you may have thought.  Especially now, where you can look up anything on the interwebs. If you can see your health as a hobby, it takes the pressure off the “have to” energy that’s not helpful. Learn about what it takes for YOU to be healthier!


Where to start? GET ADJUSTED with REGULARITY! How else will you get expert feedback on what's going on? Get into EASE! Tap into my resources! Pick my brain! Use what I've learned!! 


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Others: Cooking, Painting, Crafting, Knitting, Carving, Play Music, Sing, Write, Improv Class, Origami, Learn a Language, Chess, Horseshoes, Grenade Tossing, Jousting, Jarts... 

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