• FACT: Although colorectal cancers death rates have dropped slightly due to early-detection, the lifetime risk of developing colorectal cancer has held steady at about 1:23 with over 50,000 deaths a year.

  • FACT: The S.A.D. American diet is mostly processed foods low in fiber and digestive enzymes, and high in sugars, sodium, chemicals, artificial ingredients, and low-quality oils.

  • FACT: Medicine treats the illness after it's already underway, and not the underlying dis-ease that caused the illness.


The processed alt-foods that many consume are devoid of fiber and digestive enzymes, so they have a very s-l-o-w intestinal transit time.  The result is toxic sludge spending too much time in the colon, which creates three main problems:

  1. The colon is where most of the reabsorption of water in the feces occurs, but when it’s filled with slow-moving processed sludge, toxins are easily re-absorbed back into the bloodstream.

  2. The colon becomes lined with mucoid plaque which is undigested processed oils, which inhibits the uptake of useful nutrients. This plaque can be several inches thick (7-8” or more) and can reduce the hardened stool to near pencil-thin thickness.

  3. Slow moving, thin, hard fecal matter leads to constipation, a far too common problem that leads to chronic inflammation of the bowel. 


I know that none of this is particularly yummy, but it’s important, because you can’t be healthy if you can’t take out the garbage. So eating only real food that includes fiber-rich foods such as veggies, fruits, and nuts - is a must. 

But, alas ...many people won't change their diet. But even if you do, it may not be enough. So I recommend supplementing your fiber intake with whole psyllium husk.  I do ...I take 3 teaspoons every day to help keep me a regular guy. (see: "Products I Use")


Okay ...but now there's another very important component: how you poop! 




Unlike our more down-to-earth brethren in Africa and Asia who squat ground-level and easily push, we westerners sit high on the throne and strain to defecate because we can’t engage the correct muscles.  It’s the pelvic floor muscles that are needed to poop properly, and the angle needed to push without straining is the same as if one is squatting ...which can’t be accomplished on a basic toilet.


Improper straining puts tremendous pressure on the rectal muscles and structures, and besides being inefficient, often results in painful hemorrhoids, fistulas, and even rectal tearing, which can inhibit evacuation of the bowels even more.  

I believe the chronic inflammation that comes as a result of all this straining plays a big role in colon and rectal cancer.  It should not surprise you that the highest incidences of colorectal cancers are in Europe, North America, while the lowest are in Africa and Asia.









By simply putting one's feet up, the proper poop angle is achieved, and things begin to "move" much more smoothly.  Within a few weeks, you should be able to almost effortlessly take care of business without straining. 

It will take a little practice, and you must be a little more patient than you're used to: assume the position and relax, allowing the muscles and the defecation reflex to do the work straining!

(Some may have difficulty in the beginning with bringing your legs up, so start with the stool farther away, then work it up towards you.)

I strongly urge everyone to get one for each throne in the house. It may literally help save your life.



There are several brands of this "squatty potty" and most are inexpensive. This plastic one tucks nicely and out-of-the-way against the throne.